Design is the main driver in the product creation process, through co-creation with many international designers



Innovation in the concept, as well as the most cutting-edge technology



Variety in the product range, presents various collections, products, forms, patterns and colours



Worldwide distribution: in more than 35 countries


About us

From nature to your home, Muratto is the brand name of the most refined company of cork wall coverings.
Born in 2013, Muratto established the goal of dazzling people with its innovative products.
While focused on technology, Muratto’s main differentiation its sophisticated design innovation.
Create, promote and distribute a collection of unique and outstanding cork wall coverings.
These are the main aspects that make the brand successful.




To be acknowledged within five years as a world reference brand in development, production, distribution and promotion, of wall coverings and acoustic panels - with active presence in over 25 countries.




To provide its customers with innovative products and unique solutions within the areas of cork wall coverings and acoustic panels, while maintaining commitment to the integration of technology and sophisticated design innovation that is in perfect harmony with nature that exceeds customer expectations worldwide.




- Business ethics and the respect of commitments.
- Permanent creativity and innovation in products and processes
- Encouragement of multidisciplinary work
- Rigor and commitment to customer service
- Support for customized solutions and international initiatives
- Overview in the creation, development, promotion, and distribution of products.


Why Cork?

Cork is produced from the bark of the Cork Oak tree.
Strips are carefully removed from the tree-trunk by hand,
without causing any damage to the tree.
Although the first extraction of cork from the tree takes about twenty-five years,
it is a wait that is worthwhile.

Cork has a range of application attributes that no other has been able to imitate, match or exceed
it is a natural material known for its buoyancy, elasticity,
insulation properties and near impermeability.
However, there are other aspects that also differentiate cork from other materials:
it is renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable – very important aspects to Muratto.

Last, but not least, because cork stems from nature, and is truly natural,
it is impossible to find two exact pieces.
Through the combination of nature and design,
Muratto is able to offer a multitude of texture, colour and shape choices.



Muratto has been recognized worldwide for its differentiated way of positioning itself in the market. Therefore, here you can see some awards that Muratto has earned, and also interesting editorials about the brand all around the world.


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