2018-02 i Residential Living Room, Poland

This living room (In Torun, Poland) has become even more wonderful with our Organic Block Peak, in the Grey color. 

2018-01 i Copper Bar & Room, Frankfurt

This conference room, in Taiwan, just became a simply fantastic place with our Organic Block Peak, in natural. It is fantastic to see the  amazing   creations   that  are possible with our pro...

2018-01 i Conference Room from McDermott

This conference room, from McDermott, has further enhanced its modern and avant-garde appearance by using our Organic Block Peak in Copper and Grey. 

2018-01 i Residential kitchen, Norway

Project with our  Metalegance  Oxid, from Norway. The kitchen has gained a special, different and irreverent look with our cork and metal particles planks. 

2018-01 i Conference Room, Taiwan

This conference room, in Taiwan, just became a simply fantastic place with our Organic Block Peak, in natural.​

2018-01 i Organic Block Drop project, Norway

Our Organic Block Drop, with its smooth curves and volume, transforms any space into full comfort and design. In this  project  we can see the irreverence and beauty of these cork pieces as a dec...

2018-01 i Cork Bricks BEV Project

This project, with our Cork Bricks Bev, in Black, show us the beauty of this self-adhesive cork tiles. Easy to use and beautiful to look at, they can renew the look and design of any space, in a ...

2018-01 i Pattern Tiles Roots project

Such an amazing project, with our Pattern Tiles Motif Roots, in Cool Beige. The self-adhesive cork tiles make the room a much more irreverent and stylish space. 

2018-01 i Steakhaus Restaurant Colina, Germany

In this  german  restaurant, the use of our cork Bricks 3D, in Ivory, made  the space  gain a new life and joy. The use of lights to enhance the nature of the tiles makes all the difference, g...

2018-01 i Office Pegasystems in Krakow, Poland

This is a project from the Pegasystems Office, in Krakow, Poland. In the interior design of these rooms, they chose to use our Organic Blocks collection in a very creative and distinctive way. As ...