2018-01 i Office Pegasystems in Krakow, Poland

This is a project from the Pegasystems Office, in Krakow, Poland. In the interior design of these rooms, they chose to use our Organic Blocks collection in a very creative and distinctive way. As ...


2017-12 i Modern German Room

Modern bedroom with Scandinavian highlights. Unique design, natural materials, coziness and comfort are the main features of this project from Germany, with our Korkstone, in the color Saphir. 

2017-11 i Baby’s room

Pattern Tiles Cinetic - an elegant and easy solution for any room - in this case, also for a baby’s room. With the self-adhesive, this a very fast product to apply on the wall. 

2017-11 i KPMG at Web Summit 2017

We simply love this project. For the event WEB SUMMIT 2017, that took place in Lisbon, Portugal, the fabulous brand KPMG used our Organic Block PEAK to give more personality to ts stand. The compan...

2017-11 i Fireplace with Metalegance

These Metalegance planks, in the Metal Black color, as a fireplace mantel material, looks simply fantastic. It will surely give a unique character to this living room. 

2017-11 i Polish Residential Project

This is a Polish project, elaborated by Dagmara Iwanska of Idealnie Pracownia Projektowa. The use of our Pattern Tiles Motif - Coral - in Retro Pink color, certainly made the difference. The room l...

2017-11 i Taiwan Cork Bricks 3D Project

Taiwan Project, which proves that our Cork Bricks 3D look good anywhere, even as the wall of a dresser.

2017-11 i Cork Bricks BEV Project

This project shows us how fantastic the Cork Bricks BEV are. Mostly using the Green color with some highlights in Ivory, the background wall of this room was a unparalleled refinement, not forg...

2017-11 i Spanish Restaurant

Classic but very beautiful design of a Spanish restaurant, with our Cork Bricks 3D, in the Ivory color.

2017-11 i Strips Wall

Organic Blocks Strips are the perfect connection between simplicity and confort. Just like we can observe on the photo, the strips and volume gives these pieces a unqiue lght effect. Amazing.