2017-08 i German Residence

This is a project that comes from a German residence, and that simply transformed the living room completely. With the Pattern Tiles Roots in the Cool Beige, the room looks more lively, dynamic, ...

2017-08 i Norway - Spa

In this Norwegian project, the main intention was to give the space a better result of acoustics and comfort. Not only was this achieved, but the interior design also looked magnificent, using our ...


Installation on the back wall of a consumer, interiors products showroom, with our Cork Bricks 3D, in the natural color of cork. 

2017-07 i Brazil - Showroom

Our partner in Brazil made this amazing showroom to promote Muratto Products. Here you can see Cork Bricks BEV, in the Ntural color, Metalegance Champagne, and also a few combinations of all the ot...

2017-07 i Norway - Residential Living Room

A simple yet beautiful project from Norway, with our Organic Block Peak in Ivory and Turquoise colors, completely transforming the wall of a living room.

2017-07 i USA - Residential Bedroom

A simple yet beautiful design coming from the USA, with our Cork Bricks 3D, in Black color, showing us that with a small design we can completely change the look of any room.

2017-07 i USA - Office

Beautiful project from the USA, with our Cork Bricks 3D, one of our most famous products. The choosen color was Brown, whch provides this rustic but modern aspect to the wall. 

2017-06 i Croatia - Boutique Hotel Alhambra

Beautiful project from Croatia, at the Boutique Hotel Alhambra - - with one of our most apprecieted products: Organic Blocks Peak, in Ivory. This conference room loo...

2017-06 i Málaga, Spain - Vintage Bar Fuengirola

This Spanish bar, in Málaga, looks amazing with our Orgaic Blocks Peak, in Grey. and also with our Metalegance Gold. This two materials look really good together, transforming this space in a very...

2017-06 i Colorado, USA - BodeTree

Great project from Colorado, USA, with our Cork Bricks 3D, in Natural. The wall looks really good, having a rustic but also modern and natural feeling. Amazing.