About Muratto

Muratto®, a Portuguese brand, is one of the most well-known names in natural surface design. The company was founded in 2013, with the goal of providing stunning covering solutions. It has a profile that is distinguished by its vitality and inventiveness. Muratto® is guided by a vision that focuses on sustainable growth, depending on four major values: Natural Lifestyle, Design, Sharing, and Interior Comfort, with the goal of being a breath of fresh air in the design of coating finishes.



Muratto’s process is based on the necessity of sustainable development, using natural raw materials whenever possible and attempting to contribute to a natural lifestyle while maintaining a positive attitude toward itself and others.



This is the focal point of the creative process, which is focused on the active creation of products and processes while seeking inspiration from the widest range of visions in other places. The value of handcrafted goods and the Portuguese tradition are also essential factors in building the brand’s identity. Muratto aims to approach different forms of décor and design, from the most traditional to the most contemporary, at the same time.



The best things frequently develop from the sharing of ideas and the most irrational beliefs. And it is for this reason that the term "sharing" is so significant to us. At Muratto we share thoughts, ideas, emotions, wishes, ambitions...  This sharing is what propels us forward. To provide better solutions to our clients and partners, we collaborate with a number of international designers from all parts of the world, allowing us to create distinctive goods with distinct designs that can be used in all four corners of the globe. Working together to generate positive products and processes for both sides requires mutual cooperation from our partners.



 For Muratto, it is still critical that all of its market interventions are directed at Interior Comfort, that is, that each product is equipped with characteristics that have a good impact on the consumers’ daily lives. Aspects such as acoustic effect, highly inspirational visual impact, thermal comfort feeling, and suitability to the same environment as a human being make our products contribute to the comfort of homes, hotels, offices, commercial spaces, and other types of facilities, always in a positive way and with a view that provides a constant real feeling of comfort.



Today, more than ever, sustainability is a worldwide challenge that has a significant impact on all economic sectors. More than taking prompt action to address our society’s current deficiencies in this area, it is critical to work toward a more sustainable world and to avoid any issues that may arise as a result of a lack of human sensitivity in putting an end to destructive actions on the globe. Muratto has made it a principle to intervene in this crucial issue from the start of every procedure. When considering an activity or product, the first concern is that the entire creative process begins with natural raw materials, resulting in a product that is environmentally friendly for future consumers. Muratto is determined to work towards a more sustainable environment, and keeping a positive attitude in this regard is a key point for all the team.