About Muratto

Founded in 2013, Muratto® stands tall as a prominent Portuguese brand, celebrated for its expertise in natural surface design. Our mission, rooted in vitality and inventiveness, revolves around delivering breathtaking covering solutions. Guided by a vision of sustainable growth, we are anchored in four core values: Natural Lifestyle, Design, Sharing, and Interior Comfort. Our aspiration is to breathe new life into coating finishes, offering a refreshing perspective on design. 


NATURAL LIFESTYLE: Pioneering Sustainable Living

Muratto’s approach centers around sustainable development, prioritizing natural raw materials and striving to foster a natural lifestyle. Committed to positivity towards oneself and others, our process embodies a harmonious blend of environmental consciousness and design innovation. Join us on the journey towards a more sustainable and nature-inspired lifestyle.


DESIGN: Where Creativity Takes Center Stage

At Muratto, design is the heartbeat of our creative process, driving active product and process creation. We hold in high esteem the value of handcrafted goods and draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of Portuguese tradition, shaping the very identity of our brand. Our mission is to traverse diverse realms of décor and design, seamlessly embracing the spectrum from the most traditional to the cutting-edge contemporary. Join us on a journey where design knows no boundaries. 


SHARING: Fueling Innovation Through Collaboration

At Muratto, we believe that the finest innovations emerge from daring ideas and the exchange of creative energies. We actively engage in sharing our thoughts, ideas, emotions, wishes, and ambitions—it’s the driving force propelling us forward. Collaborating with an array of international designers worldwide, we seek to offer superior solutions to our partners, giving rise to distinctive products with unique designs. Through close partnerships, we strive to develop sustainable products and processes, making a meaningful difference. Join us in the journey of shared creativity and innovation. 


INTERIOR COMFORT: Where Design Meets Well-being

At Muratto, our unwavering focus is on Interior Comfort. Every intervention in the market is purposefully directed towards creating products that positively influence the daily lives of consumers. Elements like acoustic excellence, visually inspiring aesthetics, thermal comfort, and environmental suitability are intricately woven into each design. From homes and hotels to offices and commercial spaces, our goal is to consistently provide an authentic sense of comfort—a tangible and enduring feeling that enriches lives in every space we touch.



In today’s world, sustainability stands as a paramount global challenge with profound implications across economic sectors. Beyond addressing immediate shortcomings, the imperative is to collaboratively forge a path toward a sustainable future, safeguarding our planet from irreversible damage caused by insensitive actions. At Muratto, sustainability isn’t an afterthought; it’s woven into the very fabric of our approach. Our commitment is unwavering—from the inception of every procedure, where the creative process begins with natural raw materials, to the end product that embodies environmental friendliness for future generations. Muratto is resolute in steering towards a more sustainable environment, and maintaining a positive attitude in this journey is a cornerstone for our entire team.