About Muratto

Muratto® is one of the most highly distinguished brands of natural surface design, with Portuguese origin. With a profile that is distinguished by its dynamism and innovation, the company emerged in 2013, with the purpose of offering dazzling covering solutions. Focused on being a breath of fresh air in the design of coating finishes, Muratto® is guided by a vision that focuses on sustainable growth, relying on four main values: Natural Lifestyle, Design, Sharing and Interior Comfort.



Regarding the Natural Lifestyle, Muratto® bases its process on the importance of sustainable development, always working with natural raw materials and trying to contribute to a natural lifestyle, doing so with a positive attitude towards itself and others.



Design is perhaps the most differentiating point of this brand and the focus of the creative process, which is based on the active creation of products and processes, seeking inspiration in the most varied forms of vision in various countries. The valuation of handmade products and the Portuguese tradition are also important points in establishing the identity of the brand itself. At the same time, Muratto® also tries to approach various styles of decoration and design, ranging from the most classic to the most contemporary.



The term Sharing can be immensely comprehensive, but that is exactly why Muratto® has it as one of the most important values. For this worldwide brand, this term of sharing embodies aspects such as: the brand’s growing online presence, which allows its ideals to spread throughout the world; the growing awareness of the brand worldwide, proven by its presence on five continents and more than 45 countries; continuous partnerships with international designers from the most varied countries, resulting in a diversified contribution to the development of products and their design visions; the importance given to the needs, desires and opinions of partners and customers, enabling the brand to improve its position in the market on a continuous basis; support for social causes that have a positive impact on society; finally, the sharing of ideas between the brand and the people with whom it relates is also essential for a positive and significant development of Muratto® itself and its values.



For Muratto® it is still very important that all its interventions in the market are aimed at Interior Comfort, that is, that each and every product is endowed with features that offer a positive impact on the daily life of its users. Aspects such as the acoustic effect, the highly inspirational visual impact, the feeling of thermal comfort and its suitability to the same environment as the human being, make our products contribute to the comfort of homes, hotels, offices, commercial spaces and other types of facilities always, in a positive way and with a view that provides a constant real feeling of comfort.



More than ever, sustainability is a global concern today, which in fact has a huge impact on all business areas. More than timely action to correct our society’s current deficits in this department, it is important to work towards a more sustainable world and to prevent any problems arising from a lack of human sensitivity to put an end to harmful activities on planet earth. In this way, Muratto® has as a principle to intervene in this relevant issue, developing this interest from the beginning of every process. Whenever an action or product is thought of, the first concern is that the entire creative process starts from a natural raw material base, which gives the product environmentally friendly features for its future users. Keeping a positive attitude in this matter is a key point for the Muratto® Team, who is dedicated to work towards a more sustainable world.