For Muratto, business partners are truly important. Honesty, transparency, respect and business ethics are the main focus of Muratto in any business relation established. Therefore, Muratto has the following merchandising tools to actively participate in the success of its business partners:



Muratto’s Webpage is considered the most efficient marketing and communication tool of the brand. This is due to the fact that it is well prepared to support partners and customers throughout their possible online research on Muratto and its products. Thus, the webpage has several important topics, which include the presentation of the brand, all product characteristics, reference projects and brands that have used MURATTO in their creations, a simulator that allows you to try the product layout in several spaces, among others. Therefore, Muratto advises all partners to use the webpage as their principal support in all commercial and promotional activities.



The Press Kit contains the most important information about Muratto, so it can be used as a marketing and public relations tool, supporting and facilitating the client approach.




Catalogs are a very useful promotional tool for the dissemination of Muratto products. They contain all the important technical information of all ranges, followed by illustrative images that help to better understand their look and functionality. It also makes reference to the Muratto milestones, publicizing the awards, reference projects, among other important topics.




The Architect Box contains a Catalog with information about the company and its collections and products, and a real sample of the material available in each collection as well. It is an excellent tool to showcase the important details in each product, also providing a real perspective and feeling. Therefore, the Architect Box is an easy and powerful way to present the large product portfolio of Muratto.



The SAMPLE BOX is the most recent and masterful marketing tool. It is a large box, perfect to show the entire product range, per collection. This means that each client can personalize the Sample Box, according to his needs, having one box per collection. 

Click here to see the Organic Blocks Sample Box.

Click here to see the Cork Bricks, Korkstone, Primecork, Metalegance Pure & Rolling and Concrete Flex Sample Box.




Muratto also offers a showroom and exhibition design service, preparing the design and advising the client on the most accurate way to present the products and the brand at the point of sale. This is a service of extreme importance, as the exhibition stand or showroom presentation makes all the difference in the true perception of the material.


Primecork Collection

Organic Blocks Collection

Strips (Organic Blocks Collection)

3D // GRAND (Cork Bricks Collection)

BEV (Cork Bricks Collection)

Korkstone Collection

Metalegance Pure Collection

Pattern Tiles Collection


In order for any installation of Muratto products to be successful, you should follow certain steps.

Each collection has its own video.

Please follow all the steps, so that you can get a fantastic final result.

Then, please share your creation with us.