Muratto values its business partners enormously. Muratto’s main focus in any business relationship is honesty, transparency, respect, and business ethics. As a result, Muratto has the following merchandising capabilities to actively contribute to its business partners’ success:


Muratto’s website is regarded as the brand’s most effective marketing and communication tool. This is because it is well prepared to assist partners and customers with their probable web research on Muratto and its goods. As a result, the webpage has several key themes, such as a brand presentation, all product attributes, reference projects and companies that have utilized Muratto in their creations, and a simulator that allows you to sample the product layout in various settings, among other things. As a result, Muratto recommends that all partners use the website as their primary resource for all commercial and promotional operations.



The Press Kit contains the most important information about Muratto, so it can be used as a marketing and public relations tool, supporting and facilitating the client approach.




Catalogs are an excellent promotional tool for spreading the word about Muratto products. They include all of the necessary technical information for all of the ranges, as well as example photographs that aid in understanding their appearance and functionality. It also mentions the Muratto milestones, prize publicity, and reference projects, among other important topics.





The most recent and effective marketing tactic is the SAMPLE BOX. It’s a large box that’s ideal for displaying a complete collection’s worth of products. This means that each customer can customize the Sample Box to meet his own requirements, with one box per collection.

Click here to see the Organic Blocks Sample Box.

Click here to see the Cork Bricks, Korkstone, Primecork, and Concrete Flex Sample Box.




Muratto also provides a showroom and exhibition design service, which includes planning the layout and advising the client on the best method to promote the products and brand at the point of sale. This is a necessary feature, as the exhibition stand or showroom display can make or break the genuine view of the material.


Primecork Collection

Organic Blocks Collection

Strips (Organic Blocks Collection)

3D // GRAND (Cork Bricks Collection)

Korkstone Collection

STONE IT - For Walls, Furniture and Objects

STONE IT - Creating 3D Effects

STONE IT - Creating Oxid Effect



In order for any installation of Muratto products to be successful, you should follow certain steps.

Each collection has its own video.

Please follow all the steps, so that you can get a fantastic final result.

Then, please share your creation with us.