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Muratto through Martin Flaherty’s eyes

2022-02 i Muratto through Martin Flaherty’s eyes

Martin Flaherty, President of Pencilbox Inc. is an expert in sustainability, corporate reputation, brand management, CSR/ESG communications, and is known for his speaking and coaching capabilities. He was with us in Portugal for a week, and it was just wonderful!

For Muratto, working with Martin and having had the pleasure of welcoming him to our "home" is something immeasurable! In addition to having a brilliant mind, Martin is contagious with his joy, energy, and insight from him!

Martin has spent the last 20 years in the world of commercial building. He has deep connections to the architecture and design community and works within that market segment to understand trends, workflow, and needs.

You can find him co-hosting the weekly podcast Tailgating with Geniuses {Brilliant Guests, Tolerable Hosts} with co-hosts Ken Schmidt and Lekan Bashua.

Sometimes it’s interesting to look at "ourselves" through someone else’s eyes... and this is Muratto through Martin Flaherty’s eyes!

Thank you so much, Martin!


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