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Merry Christmas

2016-12 i Merry Christmas

The arrival of Christmas is always special. This time of the year always reserves great emotions and moments that are eternalized in our memory, and certainly is one of the most beautiful and important times of the year. Therefore, Muratto could not remain indifferent to this season, which is a time marked by the value of interpersonal relations and the act of sharing.

In order to make this a special Christmas for those who are part of Muratto in some way, we decided to elaborate an initiative together with all our partners. The process consisted in recording a video, in which the partner himself wishes for Happy Holidays in his native language. Our CEO Vasco Barros called for everyone’s cooperation, and the response was very positive. We have received a total of 21 videos from the following locations: Brazil, India, Estonia, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Romania, Iceland, Norway, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Japan, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, Greece , Spain, Turkey and Portugal.

Thus, Muratto tried to encourage the teamwork, cooperation and good energies that the Christmas season brings us, achieving a holiday message formed by one of the most important parts of the entity: its partners.