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Design Tokyo Product Award

2016-07 i Design Tokyo Product Award

Portuguese distinctively designed Cork Wall now debut in Japan. Received 2015 ASID’s Best of the Best Award in Wall Cork. 100% natural eco-friendly interior will decorate the space elegantly.

Message, Story and Episode?
The Cork Wall Organic Block is from Portugal and now debut in Japan. Already appreciated in about 30 countries. Received a design award in USA in 2015 (ASID, Best of the Best in the Wall Art). 100% natural and eco-friendly. The design of Cork Wall Organic Block is very distinctive. This will provide an artistic taste in the office, building’s entrance, living room, and any other places.

Features and benefits:
-Distinctive shape, and expressing elegant, emotive or playful design 
-Color variation is driven by artistic sense. 
-It brings dimension, depth and distinctive visual appeal to surfaces. 
-This is a natural product, combining special pigments and resins with the granulated cork.
-1/3 of the weight of alternative organic wall and low heat-conductivity.
-The texture combines softness and flexibility and does not absorb dust.

We are tying up with Portuguese maker to debut and market the products in Japan. There are a few dekwall products introduced in Japan but our Organic Block has a totally different concept and it designs the space beautifully in thee-dimension. The Portuguese maker vales Design, Comfort, Nature, and Quality importantly just like Japanese people. We are certain that our products will be loved in Japan.

Product Summary?
What it does - It’s a wall decoration that upgrades a wall interior.
Design - European design shapes it aesthetically. Elegant and fashion-forward colors.
Comfort - Small sized block concept frees your choice of size, shape, and combination. Eco-friendly natural cork weighs lighter than traditional wall decoration items. Furthermore, unlike a wall paper or tile, Organic Block will bring dimension, depth, and distinctive visual appeal to interior surfaces.
Spec - In addition to its natural comfort, cork gives some material benefits.