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Such a creative project from Taiwan with our Organic Block Peak, from the Headquarter office of AURORA Group. This is a perfect example of the purposes that you can give to our products - in this c...

2018-06 i Chock Project

Beautiful project with our Organic Block Chock - designed for high visual impact in larger areas, spacious rooms. Four diagonal lines emerge from the center of each square, like four windows that o...

2018-06 i Japanese Senses Project

A smooth curved hourglass shape is organized and repeated in horizontal and vertical orientations, creating an organic pattern. The shape of SENSES is inspired by the undulations of nature, and its...

2018-06 i HENCE Flagship Store - Madrid, Spain

HENCE Flagship Store, in Madrid. Such a fantastic look with our Cork Bricks BEV, in the Ivory color. BEV is a really elegant collection that transforms any wall into something unique. 

2018-06 i Airblue Islamabad Internacional Airport - Pakistan

Fantastic project from our partner in Pakistan - Airblue Islamabad International Airport Office- — by NUHA Architects. By cutting the Organic Block Hexagon in different ways, and also placing it ...

2018-06 i Dominion Energy - USA

USA project, for Dominion Energy, with the Cork Bricks 3D, in the Terracotta color. This warm color matches perfectly the rest of the space, giving it a special touch.

2018-06 i Regina Medical Office - USA

US project, from Regina Medical Office, with our Organic Block Beehive. Very dynamic and creative project. 

2018-05 i NOBU HOTEL SHOREDITCH - London, UK

The fantastic "Nobu Hotel Shoreditch", in London, choose our Cork Bricks 3D, in the Brown color, to brighten up its fantastic lobby, bar and seating area. It’s a pleasure to have one of our colle...

2018-05 i Spanish Restaurant

Creativity does wonderful things. This Spanish restaurant transformed our Cork Bricks 3D, painting them in gold. The result was simply fantastic.

2018-05 i GERRIS - Clothing Brand in Poland

GERRIS, a Polish men’s and women’s clothing brand, has chosen our Organic Block Peak to brighten up its shop. The white color was painted over the original color of the pieces, and yet you can ...