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2016-02 i Portugal – Radio Show Maluco Beleza

Maluco Beleza is a very famous radio show, in which the interlocutor interviews famous personalities in a very entertaining and energetic way. So, to mach this amusing atmosphere, Muratto was the c...

2016-01 i Lisbon, Portugal - IQOS

In this store, in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, the use of Muratto materials enriched the interior design of the space. The used product was Organic Block Chock, which provides the store an amaz...


2015-13 i Other projects

Amazing projects made with Cork Bricks 3D, for different kinds of atmosphere: bars, restaurants and residences – a product that fits perfectly anywhere.

2015-12 i Turqey – Residence

This residencial project, in Turqey, used the Cork Bricks 3D to give a more rustic look to the living room, and the Organic Blocks Senses and Chock, personalizing the stairs area.

2015-11 i Taiwan - Restaurant

Any restaurant needs to think of innovative ways to stand out from the competition, especially in a state like Taiwan. Besides the good food, the interior decoration and atmosphere can be an import...

2015-10 i Spain - Office

This meeting room, in the office of Forma 5 – Designing your dreams, earned another charme by using the Organic Block Chock. The red color capture the needed attention and the unique design dazzl...

2015-09 i France, Paris – KWERK - Coworking Office space

KWERK is a coworking space designed to be a fluid, inspiring and creative working area. The main intension of its creators, Albert Angel and Lawrence Knights, was to bring together all those who sh...

2015-08 i Turkey - Office center

In this project, in order to provide a creative and positive working expirience, this office center in Turqey used the irreverence of Organic Block Chock and the asymmetry of Organic Block Peak.

2015-06 i Netherlands - Office

In this office, the comfort and versatility provided by the Organic Block Senses is evident. These are two different meeting rooms, with the Senses in Black and Emerald.

2015-05 i Portugal – Beach House

When you see these amazing photos you can’t imagine waht existed before. This is an example of how perfect a remodeling can be. By the sea, this beach house bedroom is perfectly completed with Mu...