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2018-11 i Finnish company LViturva - Strips

In the Finnish company LVlturva, the offices now have more color, with our organic Blocks Strips, in Red color.

2018-11 i Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) offices

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) offices have chosen our Organic Block Senses to improve its interior design. In the color Olive, the Senses provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

2018-10 i Architects Office - Dubai

This architects office, in Dubai, used our Organic Block Strips, in the Natural color, to make this space useful and beautiful at the same time. 

2018-10 i Beehive Project

The Organic Block Beehive provides you a pattern that appears to move, yet it is balanced, giving dynamism, energy, and emotion to the environment.

2018-10 i Pakistan - Motors

Our Organic Block Drop really makes all the difference in any project. In this case, it was the brand MOTORS, in Pakistan, that made use of DROP’s unique features.
As a frame, we can also ...

2018-10 i Japanese Office with Drop

Another project that shows that our Organic Block DROP can turn any space into something unique and sublime. A project from Japan.

2018-10 i Fashionable room with Peak

This project is so fantastic and inspirational! Created with our Organic Block Peak, providing a super fashionable new look to the room. 
Project by: BlueGray Design Berlin Farrow & Ball Fa...

2018-10 i USA - Residential Room

This striking residential project in the USA uses our Cork Bricks 3D to create a focal point in the room. Simply fantastic!
Design by Fresco Interiors Design Group Inc. 

2018-10 i USA Project - Door with Cork Bricks

Our natural materials are not just for walls- look at this incredibly creative barn door! Project from the USA with our Cork Bricks Collection. 

2018-10 i CBD Offices - Dubai

A beautiful project from Dubai, with our Organic Block Beehive Grey, in the CBD Offices. Our partner shared the Installation Video, showing how easy and cool is to install the Organic Blocks.