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2018-05 i USA Project - Cork Bricks 3D

Cork Bricks 3D have the ability to turn any room / space into something unique and irreverent, not forgetting the origin of the raw material (cork) and how how design and nature can together create...

2018-04 i Pattern Tiles in Poland

Beautiful project, from Poland, with our Pattern Tiles Motif - Cinetic, in the color silver. Really stylish and trendy.

2018-04 i USA Project - Hexagon

Fantastic design project from the USA, with our Organic Block Hexagon, in various colors. The use of the product from the ceiling to the wall creates a beautiful effect, showing the versatility of ...

2018-04 i Smart Interior Design - Romania

We just admire the color combination in this project from Romania: Black, Emerald and Turquoise, with the Organic Block Peak.
DACCA Project.

2018-04 i Room in Poland

Small details that transform any space into something spectacular. Organic Blo...

2018-04 i Coffee chain shop in Taiwan

Coffee chain shop in Taiwan, with our Cork Bricks 3D. The combination of the decoration style with our Cork Bricks has given to the space a unique look with unparalleled sophistication.

2018-04 i Norwegian Project with Peak Blue

With the new color of Organic Blocks - Blue - you can create magnificent designs like this one in Norway - with Organic Block Peak in this new color, this design is extremely elegant and fashionabl...

2018-04 i Koku Sushi in Poland

With our Organic Block Drop, the largest Sushi Bar network in Poland, Koku Sushi, just transformed it atmosphere into something really magical and outstanding.

2018-03 i Brazilian Conference Room

In this conference room in Brazil, you can see how beautiful our Cork Bricks 3D are, in the Ivory color. It’s interesting to realize the difference that only one wall can make in a room, making ...

2018-03 i Norwegian Residence

Very interesting project with our Metalegance Collection, in the color Clear Cement, in a Norwegian residence. Although the size you see is not the standard size, this demonstrates the ease of bei...