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2018-11 i Norway - Metalegance Oxid

Metalegance   Oxid fits in with the rest of the trendy interior of @leonnorge in Frognerveien, Oslo, Norway. The rusty look and feel add a modern and trendy touch to this cafeteria.  Great pro...

2018-11 i USA Project - Strips

In this USA project, our Organic Blocks Strips, in Olive color, give the touch that was missing to this office. It became a dynamic space without losing its professional aspect.

2018-11 i Netherlands - Taste Tailorsin

Everyone falls in love with our Primecork Collection. This project, from a trading company of wine in the Netherlands - Taste Tailorsin - choose the Leather color to give a new life and a luxurious...

2018-11 i Georgia Project - Cork Bricks 3D

We were amazed at the greatness of this project, from Georgia. The product used was Cork Bricks 3D, in natural, which allowed the space to have an undeniable impact. This reference also allows rea...

2018-11 i Warner Music Spain

Our Design Blocks Hexagon and Peak - from the Organic Blocks Collection - are now brightening the rooms of the Warner Music Spain. 

2018-11 i Residential Room - Dubai

In this Dubai residential project, our Organic Block Minichock was used in Olive color. Another interior design that demonstrates how changing a single wall can influence the entire space.

2018-11 i Metalegance Platin Cement in Norway

Our partner WALL-IT surprised us with this fantastic project. They used the Platin Cement, from the  Metalegance  Collection, creating an impressively modern and trendy environment. 

2018-11 i Strips in Finland

Our Organic Block Strips, in the Turquoise color, are absolutely fantastic in this Finnish project. A simple piece, but that adds a touch of class and comfort to any space.

2018-11 i Spain - Strips

The Strips, from the Organic Blocks Collectcontinuestinue to amaze with the many ways it can be used. It provides a continuous wall with a modern aspect, also giving a refined look to any professio...

2018-11 i Turkey - Vestel

In this Turkish project, from Vestel, it is possible to see how the Strips (from the Organic Blocks Collection) are versatile and possible to use in differentiating projects.