Albert Angel


With his architecture degree up his sleeve, Albert Angel left Cape Town for New York. He joined Ralph Appelbaum Associates where he worked on museum designs.

This first experience developed his love for story telling and contemporary art. It is later under the architect designer Lindy Roy in 1999 on a project with Bruce Mau which enabled him to assert his desires. He will not be simply an architect building buildings. He wants to build yes, but truly global experiences. Thus, it is his passion for planes – a perfect concentration of design, architecture and service – that leads him to LANDOR to rethink the whole universe of Delta Airlines, from their lounges to the cabin.

In 2005, a friend asked him to design a restaurant in the SoHo district of New York. He seized the opportunity and founded the agency that bears his name. His projects are linked worldwide with a strong affinity for Africa, which he knows very well having grown up in the Congo (DRC).

His passion for hospitality leads him to realize one of the few boutique hotel & spa in Mauritius, another in Mahé in Seychelles and most recently the design concept of Onomo Hotels that spans across West Africa. And it is in the west of Paris, precisely in Boulogne, that he creates his first coworking space called KWERK. The second space located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris opens and confirms its desire to rethink the workspace as unique experiences to live. More than a workspace to share, KWERK is a place where art is inspiring everywhere.

Albert Angel spends half his time away, elsewhere in airplanes, in other countries with other cultures. Moreover, with an open mind, to never repeat himself, to better understand himself and thus better understand others.




Hugo Silva and Joana Santos develop integrated Design solutions, involving strategic thinking, technology and identity. Graduated in Design from the University of Aveiro, their areas of intervention include equipment design, graphic design and web interface design.

Hugo does not relieve the sketchbook and seeks inspiration in the common everyday things to his drawings. Joana has a special taste for the graphic design and craft and in the work process does not dispense a practical approach.

Together, they build narratives that foster the communication of projects. It is the exploration of emotions through forms, colors, textures, materials and technologies.

It is the reference to humor and everyday things in order to generate enjoyment and cultural knowledge. The motivation is the satisfaction and interaction with people!


Design Nature


Design Nature is a collective of sustainability designers and innovators based in London. Inspired to design and champion functional decor that is in harmony with nature - to create atmospheric spaces that nurture wellbeing.

Design Nature’s products and processes encourage a person to engage in the creative process - to explore one’s own creative nature - to fulfill a desire to create something that is truly their own expression.

"Let’s align with our true nature - Let’s design; Let’s create.
Let’s create in harmony with nature - Let’s replenish; Let’s renew"


Selina Jakumeit


Graduated at the Acadamy of Design in Darmstadt in 2011.

The qualified designer and copywriter enjoys to rethink daily used products in a fresh and unique way.

The combination of functionality, quality, desirability mixed with a good sense of humor are Selina’s primary ingredients to conquer the wide range of different products.

If she is not busy with designing products you may find her brooding over creative content ideas for her clients or ... 3rd option: You can find her on one of her travels happy smiling.


Serena Confalonieri


Serena Confalonieri (1980) is an indipendent designer based in Milano, working on product, graphic and textile design projects and collaborating with many italian and international companies.

Her works are placed in-between product and graphic design: an accurate research on the surfaces is always present in her projects.

After a Master Degree in Interior Design, she started her career working in many architecture and design practices in Milano, Barcelona and Berlin, and collaborating with the Interior Design Faculty of Politecnico di Milano.

During the years she’s been selected for design residencies and projects in Italy and abroad (New York, Mexico, Portugal) and her works have been published by important newspapers and magazines (The New York Times, Corriere della Sera, Il sole 24 ore, Wallpaper, Interni, Ottagono, L’Officiel, Elle Décor…).

She also won prizes such as a Special Mentions at the Young&Design Awards 2014 and at the German Design Awards 2016, and her lamps Cora and Lea have been exhibited at La Triennale, Milano.


Swetlana Reifschneider


Swetlana Reifschneider’ professional career has been built in a consistent and consolidate way in the design communication formula. The combination of objects, shapes, sizes and colors, with the space and their users, brings the best emotional result.

The multi-culture life experience and the professional background in Interior Design and Art Direction have contributed to the best understanding of the communication process. From the easy integration into the boil creative process, the definition and organization of the processes until the complete fulfillment of the targets in time and content makes all the difference. Many different projects of interior design, product design and marketing communication are part of her portfolio.

Swetlana Reifschneider is a graduate Communication Designer at the Academy of Design in Darmstadt, Germany, and today the Design and Marketing Manager of this worldwide brand.


Vanessa van Tiggelhoven


Vanessa van Tiggelhoven is product and interior designer, who excels in her unique and timeless designed products.

She graduated in 2011 at the architectural design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, after which she then starts her own studio, where she creates products for her own label, and for national and international labels.

- In 2012 she wins the public price & the prestigious award ‘Elle Decoration Design Talent Award by Cappellini’.
- She designed interiors for Foam Café, KLM and NH Centre Utrecht Hotel, and has been represented in numerous places, with great collaborations:
- MAD Museum New York, in co-operation with KLM and Hella Jongerius
- Jan van der Togt Museum, in co-operation with KLM
- Milan Design Week, in co-operation with Philips Lighting
- Cappellini‘s heroes in Amsterdam
- Inside Design Amsterdam, in co-operation with Azzurro Kids in Amsterdam’s
- Luxurious P.C. Hooftstraat
- Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven
- Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in Amsterdam
- Gant Store Amsterdam
- Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, in co-operation with Dutch Design Supermodels